Secret Dogs Business offer  a wide range of puppy and dog training services including :

1. Classes from puppies through to older dogs

2. Home visit options in Bayside Melbourne for new puppy owners and helping with behavior modification. 

3. Therapy Dog training and certification – Public facilities and schools

4. Companion Dog training (including certifying the PAT test).

15 years of happy customers and happier dogs!

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be proud of your dog – not embarrassed!

 The foundation of our teaching methods revolves around teaching owners to develop a balanced relationship with their dog. This relationship will help create a faithful loving companion. Whether it be puppy classes or dealing with difficult dogs we can help.

Dogs are as individual as their owners and consequently training strategies are developed specifically for yours dogs age, breed and circumstances.  Join the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of happy dog owners we have helped over the years. 

Puppy Training - classes or home visits

 Several locations available. Our trainers will teach new puppy owners how to get the most from their pups and set you off on the right path to having a really well adjusted, happy and well mannered dog.

Check for dates and various locations for our next classes.

Dog behaviour modification - classes or home visits

Jumping Up, barking, pulling on the lead, recall, aggression, separation anxiety – we can help! We are highly qualified and experienced – there pretty much nothing we haven’t seen or helped people with! 

Home Visits 8am – 5pm Mon – Fri.

Classes Saturdays in Cheltenham

Assistance Dog Training

We can help you get you become accredited to visit your local age facility or hospital. We also work closely with the Centre for Therapy and Service Dogs Australia, helping train dogs for people with special needs including children with autism, PTSD and seizure alert (Visit

Training Methods

Many people say that their dog was too stubborn or slow, or hyper to teach – we say you haven’t found the stimulus to encourage them to do things for you – that’s where we can help.

Class Schedules & Pricing

Have look at our schedule to see when and where our next class starts. You can also contact us for further info.

Trainers & Locations

Expert Dog Training in Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs and Bayside.




 Secret Dogs Business provides sensible and balanced training for both puppies and dogs. We run several puppy classes around Melbourne and run classes for older dogs in Cheltenham on Saturday morning or make personalised home visits.

Secret Dogs Business is one of a few state government accredited dog training schools (with Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers) in Melbourne, which allows us to assess dog owners for general obedience and give owners significant council dog registration discounts.

 “Helping you have more fun with your dog.”


Created more than 12 years ago, Secret Dogs Business staff provides dog owners with fun, effective and positive dog training methods through group classes, private in-home sessions or a combination of both.

Proper dog training and socialisation are among your dog’s basic needs, which is why it’s important to seek the help of professional dog trainers as soon as you get your pup or adopt your dog.

Whether your dog is a puppy or a fully grown adult with lots of energy, we can help you. Bring your four-legged friend in for a professional and friendly approach to dog training!

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