Puppies should attend puppy classes. Learning to socialize appropriately is an essential part of having a friendly confident, social dog. Our controlled but social classes and large open puppy class areas – not stuffy vet reception areas!) allow pups the  room to train and fun together!

Start any week – tuition covers attendance to as many classes as you like up to pups being 18 weeks.

Locations include :

  • Black Rock
  • Cheltenham


Our trainers at Secret Dogs Business all are fully qualified and have dogs of their own and appreciate what it’s like to bring a new pup in to the world. They will teach new puppy owners how to get the most from their pups and set you off on the right path to having a really well adjusted, happy well mannered dog. The classes are a vital first step in getting your pup socialised in a controlled environment plus get expert advice solving issues such as :

  • Toilet Training
  • Mouthing
  • Jumping Up
  • Crying at night

Also learn about general training with topics including :

  • Sleeping
  • Setting rules and boundaries
  • Communication
  • Suitable Food
  • Walking on a lead
  • Recall
  • Mental stimulation
  • Basic Obedience Commands


All tuition costs includes treats, notes and graduation certificate (hopefully!)

Classes are great fun and extremely informative

Home visits are also available for those who prefer some one on one help – visit the puppy home visit page for more details. ($295 for a one hour home visit and attendance to puppy classes – B Hrs, Bayside area)


Some locations offer two age groups – different levels of training :

Junior Class (beginners) – suitable for pups 8 – 18 weeks covering initial puppy behaviour issues and basic training.

Senior Puppy Class – suitable 16 – 24 weeks) covering higher levels of obedience (adding distractions, walking on lead and recall) – Cheltenham only. Here we cover topics such as as –

– Walking on on leash appropriately

–  recall

– general manners at home

–  training with distractions.


Why Choose Us

  • over 15 years of experience
  • knowledgable and friendly staff
  • no cruel practices or punishments
  • positive reinforcement techniques
  • assertive and balanced training approach
  • member of the AAPDT


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