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Dogs love to learn particularly when their young – same as kids!

Our Dog Training Methods

Dogs love to learn particularly when their young – same as kids! And like they are all different and respond to different types of encourage and techniques different breeds and personalities play a role.  Different dogs respond types of ‘triggers’ – find out what your dogs trigger is and your one your way to having a fabulously behaviour dog.

Many people say that their dog was too stubborn or slow, or hyper to teach – we say you haven’t found the stimulus to encourage them to do things for you, with easy dogs to teach that can simply be food but that doesn’t work for all.

For more difficult dogs you will need a better understanding of what their trigger is and how to use it to your advantage. These more difficult dogs are often more naturally more independent and act on their intuition and self interest. Often the volunteer based Dog Schools and organizations haven’t the skills and offer the individual attention to help people with dogs that are not ‘easy’.

A dogs intelligence is irrelevant as I believe results on intelligence will be bias towards the particular type of test they are taken.

While we believe that a dog must be told when they are misbehaving, we generally base all our dog training methods on positive reinforcement, but never use any harsh methods of discipline!

We don’t own a magic wand that will fix your dog’s issues immediately, but, by using our unique therapies, you will start to see changes straight away. If you have a new puppy, we will get you off on the right foot to ensure the pup grows up to be a loving, well-adjusted dog you are proud of.


At Secret Dogs Business, we pride ourselves on helping dog owners correct their dog’s issues by using a common-sense approach to encourage them to do what is right because they want to!

The essentials to raising a happy, well-behaved dog are:

  • good-quality fresh food, water and shelter
  • mental and physical exercise
  • rules (discipline) that promotes respect
  • love and companionship

We will help you attain a balance of the above essentials to make sure your dog becomes the companion you have always wanted. We have many years of our own experience and have studied from the most trusted and up-to-date sources to be able to give you the best and most effective training methods.

All our dog trainers are accredited and have had years of experience.


“Secret Dogs Business has successfully trained 1524 happy, loyal and obedient dogs across Melbourne”


We know which methods work (and which don’t) and will pass that fundamental information onto you. Call 1300 BAD DOG for more information, or request a call back via our contact us page.

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