School Wellbeing Dogs

Suitable for Primary, High School or Higher learning Establishments

Our well-being school program and workshops are designed to discuss useful tips and hints and do’s and don’t of having a school therapy dog as well of course to undertake an official therapy dog test. These dogs can be accredited teachers’ dogs (or trained team* who visit regularly in a group environment.

Many children struggle with general learning and social skills, which can be caused by any number of factors from children with specific learning disorders, to past negative experiences, to their family environment – any of these can flow on to create a child who may struggle with the school environment. This can be detrimental to ongoing learning and ostracize them from generating friends and ‘fitting in’ in group social settings.
A regular visit to a student/s in a school has shown to support students by giving them emotional support, thereby encouraging a more positive outlook about themselves, both increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence. This in turn can help with academic study and social confidence with their peers. Therapy dogs (dogs in general) are naturally ‘disarming’ and often people (not just students) are more likely to ‘open up’ and discuss their feelings with a dog being present. Dogs are commonly used in reading programs (e.g. Story Dogs where Secret Dogs Business undertakes the Victorian certification) as are they are non-judgmental and have a calming effect on students and their learning. Therapy dogs can also help a struggling student social confidence with direct interactions by them handling a therapy dog and mixing with other students, with attention being shared between the dog and student.


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Therapy Dog Workshops/Accreditation

There are some very important steps that need to be taken before you can start helping with pet therapy.

1.       Your dog must be at least 12 months old, and not older than 10 yo for large dogs 12yo for small (assessor discretion). If you have rescued or adopted this animal, you must have lived with
2.       Proof of council registration
3.       Proof of vaccination.
4.       Your dog’s health is very important to us. Your dog must have had a recent vet health check within the last 12 months
5.       Proof of Working with Children
6.       Undertake a 3-step accreditation process (in line with regulated testing) including attending workshops that include 5F Obedience test, temperament and suitability test, and at school facilities visit, covering different forms of interaction with students
Regular evenings workshops and training (locations include Cheltenham, Kingsville and Northcote) and in-facility assessment. 

Accreditation (inc.workshops) cost $695  (Melb. metro), with different tiers of training also available )
*(we do not position ourselves in place of a counselor or psychologist).

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