Facility Therapy Dogs

Facility Therapy Dogs

If you have a pet dog you are hoping to take to your local hospital or aged care facility or even if you want you and your dog to become an independent accredited team (state government approved) this is the course for you.

Visiting people within a facility as a pet therapy team can be a fantastic community service, not only helping people with their visits but also giving dog owners a great sense of doing good and meeting a wide range of interesting people.

Classes/workshops are held regularly to certify dog teams.

Personal Therapy Dog

Training your pet dog to be an emotional support dog for perhaps yourself or someone close is a simple way to achieve a level of accredited competence without the high level of training and qualifications needed to become an ‘assistance dog’ – we call this a Personal Therapy Dog.

A certified Therapy Dog wears a jacket but doesn’t have the rights of a fully accredited service dog. Classes/workshops are held regularly to certify dog teams.

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Accreditation Process

There are some very important steps which need to be taken before you can start helping as a pet therapy team.
Firstly your Dog :
1.       Your dog must be at least 12 months old, and not older than 10 yo for large dogs 12 yo for small (assessor discretion). If you have rescued or adopted this animal, you must have lived with it for a minimum of 6 months.
2.       Your dog must be registered with your local council. Proof of registration will be necessary.
3.       Your dog must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be necessary.
4.       Your dog’s health is very important to us. Your dog must have a recent vet health check within the last 12 months
5. A Police check (we can help with this if required)

6.      Undertake a 3-step accreditation process (in line with regulated testing) including attending workshops that include the 5F Obedience test, temperament, and suitability test, and facilities visits.



Further details of the test are available on request. If you feel unsure whether your dog would pass, you are welcome to attend a quick meet and greet at our facility in Cheltenham on a Saturday for a no-obligation ‘quick assessment’. If you’re fairly confident, attend the first workshop where a further ‘pre-assessment’ can be made.


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