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Secret Dogs Business is an experienced dog training school that offers in-home training sessions in the Melbourne south eastern suburbs and Bayside area.
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 Dog Behaviour Classes


To make sure your dogs are trained in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, Secret Dogs Business boasts the best dog school and trainers in the region.

Our team will assist you in building a positive relationship with your dog while also teaching them everything they need to know to increase their sociability and thrive in a home environment.

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“Invest in your dog’s education and development”

Specialist Dog Training

Classes are designed to help develop  general day to day good manners. We cover many topics including :

Walking on a loose leash

Recall (we spend one session at a park)

Minor issues such as :

      Barking at the door

      Jumping up

     Destructive behaviour

Three of the four sessions are held indoors so they are not weather dependant. Some individual attention with their specific requirements is always available. Please call and discuss with Alan if your dog is reactive at other dogs.

 Taking good care of your loyal friend “


Why Choose Us

  • over 11 years of experience
  • takes good care of your animals
  • no cruel practices or punishments
  • positive reinforcement techniques
  • assertive and balanced training approach
  • member of the AAPDT


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